To Buy Wholesale Vegetable Dehydrator from Reliable Vendor

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The vegetable dehydrator is characterized by its low price, safety, and reliability, small vibration, low noise, easy to operate and smooth brake. With shock-proof system adopted has the characteristics of safe operation, the centrifugal dehydrator is dedicated to and suitable for all kinds of vegetable products’ surface water removing. The dehydrator has apertures distributed evenly inside its inner tank, and its outer cylinder made of stainless steel is of large volume, high efficiency. The motor rotates the stainless steel liner at high speed through the belt.

The raw materials like meat, vegetable are put into the inner tank for hydration. With motor rotating, it motivates the driving pulley at high speed so as to create a large centrifugal force, to throw out water through holes inside the tank, then be collected and drained. Generally speaking, for raw materials with high moisture content, the drying effect can be achieved by dehydrator for two minutes, which is equivalent to the working effect of a traditional dryer working for twenty minutes.

Vegetable dehydrator

Owner’s manual of dehydrator:

  1. Put the raw materials after cleaning into the rotating hub evenly for further hydration, during which, pay attention to balance the load without overload the inner tank.
  2. After running the motor for about 90 seconds, when the dehydrator reaches the normal operating speed and the outlet pipe starts to discharge wastewater.
  3. After about 8-10 minutes, and when there is basically no fluid flowing out of the outlet pipe, the power can be cut off in 1-2 minutes.