The Working Principle of Automatic Cassava Potato Washer and Peelers Machine

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Traditional method for potato or cassava peeling has its defect of uncontrollable peeling thickness, therefore the waste of raw material is inevitable. Fortunately, the problem now is solved by the latest released product invented and developed by Shuliy Machinery. The automatic cassava potato wash and peeling machine characterized by its high washing and peeling efficiency, energy saving, labor work saving, and large capacity, is widely used in the catering industry oversea.

High efficient brush roller peeling and washing machine 2

The washing and peeling are accomplished at the same time by Shuliy’s advanced washing and peeling machine. The water inlet is equipped at the upper part of the washing peeling machine, before starting the machine, make sure there is enough water supplied. With the rubber brushes equipped in, the machine is characterized by its intensive but gentle brushing, through which, potatoes, cassavas, sweet potatoes can be processed meeting hygienic standards with high peeling efficiency. The automatic washing and peeling process can be accomplished without supervision, therefore it is always the best choice for catering entrepreneurs, food processing factories and restaurants. Made of stainless steel, the service life of the automatic potato peeling machine has been prolonged with the efficient function ensured. Shuliy’s potato processing line is highly commented by customers at home and abroad.

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