The Method of Potato Storage

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  1. Bag storage: it is more suitable for storage in building if the winter consumption can reach 50 to 100 kg potato per households. Put potatoes into plastic bags, with 10 cm black soil put into a bag so as to remain potato fresh and sterilized.  Potato bubble washing machine is adapted for further cleaning.
  2. Case storage: case storage is suitable for urban storage. Take the carton or large wooden box to the corner of the wall, with the wooden pads or bricks of 15 cm as a cushion and covered by wet black soil in case of moldy and infection caused by insects.
  3. Indoor storage: store potatoes indoors, no matter what the size of the cellar, cover potatoes with 3-5 cm black soil.
  4. Storage in storehouse: build a brick storehouse in the corner according to quantity with all corners sealed with cement. Put the potatoes into the storehouse and cover with 5 cm black soil to keep fresh.


Brush peeling and washing machine


Tips for potatoes storage

  1. Store potatoes with a green apple (for instance, green apple rapped by a typhoon in summer) inside the bag, and seal the bag tightly.
  2. Wrap potato in a plastic bag to keep it out of the air to prevent it from oxygenation, rotting, and sprouting.
  3. Put the potatoes in the carton to keep away from the cold.
  4.  Before storage, wash clean the potato to eliminate dirt and debris by the potato bubble washing machine.