The Maintenance Method of Continuous Frying Machine

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To clean the continuous frying machine with the appropriate method can extend the service life of the frying machine. Firstly, add a pot of salt water into the boiled water, cleaning with a mixture of water and salt water can accelerate the disassembling procedure of oil stains. After using, pull out the plug, then start the cleaning process after the boiler body cools completely.


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When cleaning, use soft cloth applied with neuter scour to wipe off the oil stain. Avoid to use metal specialized, caustic dissolvent, in case of causing damage to non-stick coating layer or to the boiler body surface.  The electrically heated pipe inside the boiler body shall be cleaned with cloth or wool brush periodically. Before long time storage, certain cleaning work shall be conducted with the dehydration of machine enclosure ensured.

In addition to cleaning regularly, avoiding residues effecting on the equipment, there are other matters needing attention to prolong the service life of continuous frying machine. For different heating methods of different equipment, in order to improve the working efficiency of continuous frying machine, to customize the proper machine enclosure materials according to a different use, can also prolong the service life of frying machine profoundly.