The Continuous Fryer Machine with Automatic Control System

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Have you drove by a fast food restaurant like Mcdonald's, and the special fragrant of potato chips is hovering in your mind, then your pool your car aside and ask the waitress if you can get a large-sized potato chips in 5 minutes. That was a classic and daily store we all been through, so, have you wondered why these golden crispy with catchup are so delicious and how are made? Shuliy can answer your questions—the key word is Potato chips fryer.

Potato chip processing

The advanced continuous potato chips fryer released recently by Shuliy Machinery has adopted the automatic control system. Which means under the automatic control the oil temperature can be limited within a certain range of temperature under the controlling of the water in the under layer of the frying machine. The frying temperature can be limited within a temperature range of 0-300℃( 32℉-572℉). As a consequence, the work security is ensured and so is the oil consumption reduced. Now, with the Shuliy’s automatic continuous fryer machine as your great helper, you can make yourself golden crispy chips by your own hands.

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