The Advanced Large Puffed Food Packaging Machine

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Puffed food packaging machine

The puffed food packaging machine is entering a new stage with appearances like the trend of scale development, integration, and automation. It is obvious that our country mechanical production standard has met the domestic basic requirement on machination, and began to export homemade mechanical products to Southeast Asia and to third world countries.  Food (milk, cake, meat, fruit) processor, packaging, labeling machines, and other food processing machinery occupies a large exporting market, such as frying machine, vacuum packing machine, puffed food packaging machine, flavoring machine, cutting machine, etc. have begun to be exported in series.

Puffed food packaging machine


High-quality Food Packaging Machine

Over the past decade, the international packaging industry has attached great importance to improving the general ability and multi-function integration ability of packaging technology and the whole packaging system, providing timely and flexible production to develop diversified commodities with each passing day. Shuliy Machinery, based on the practical need of customers for reasonably simplified packaging and superior packaging technology, keeping explore and accelerated the pace of its technical innovation significantly, especially in line with the development of modern automation initiative synchronically.

The development direction of food packager is gradually clarified. In order to invent a new system of diversified, generalized and multi-functional the machinery, the major problems in realizing fully combination and electromechanical integration must be solved first, which will undoubtedly instruct the development direction for puffing food packaging machine in the future.