Technological process of potato chips production line

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Processing technology of potato chips production line:


1. first, peel and wash potatoes as raw materials.


2.The cleaned potatoes are transported to the steam peeling machine or the mechanical peeling machine. Then enter the second cleaning machine, wash the remaining potato paste on the potato surface. The cleaned potatoes are transported to the testing table for manual sorting and peeling.


3. belt conveyor will be peeled potatoes into the slicing machine. The potatoes were cut into thin slices. Wash the free starch with water.


4.After cleaning, the chips are sent to the blanching machine for blanching. The chips from the blanching machine carry a large amount of attached water. Use a vibrating screen with strong wind to separate individual potato chips and dry the attached water. Then it was conveyed to the frying machine to reduce the moisture content of potato chips from 80% to 2% and get crisp products. The oil content of fried chips is between 30%-40%. After frying, potato chips are transported to the leachate conveyor belt to drain the remaining oil on the product surface. Fried potato chips are transported to a drum flavoring machine to flavor the chips, and different flavorings are added to different products. Then the seasoned potato chips are transported to the packing workshop, and the products are packed into the required size and shape.