Stainless-steel Washing Peeling Machine Outlet

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Shuliy’s vegetable washing machine is mainly composed of motor, transmission, brush stick, etc., has different versions of 800 type, 1200 type, 1500 type, 2000 type, our factory has introduced in potato cassava processing technology at home and abroad based on characteristics of root crop processing machinery design and manufacture, with brush principle adopted, is widely used in cleaning and peeling of round, oval fruits and vegetables such as ginger, carrot, potato, potato, pumpkin, sweet potato and kiwi fruit, coconut and root crops.

The cleaning effect is achieved by pouring raw material into the vegetable washing machine, then be constantly turned over by brush roller. At the same time, the drain pipe is constantly spraying on materials until the dirt from the raw material is rinsed off. The outlet port is composed of hand shank welded together with the door. Turn the handle counterclockwise, fasten the handle baffle to the door, and pull spring to rise door plate to discharge.


Brush peeling and washing machine


Transmission principle:

The system adopts belt, sprocket, etc. for transmission.


  1. Dupont advanced nylon brush adopted with a precision brush, wear-resistant can brush items cleaner, more lustrous.
  2. The vegetable washing machine is made of thickened stainless steel plate, which is firm and durable. Four - point roller support, easy to move.
  3. Industrial chain (double chain) drive, wear resistance, more capacity, safety, and reliability.
  4. Four, the advanced motor makes noise lower, life long.
  5. The butter pipe facilitates bearings filling butter more convenient.
  6. Adopt the longest Nylon wire, with 25mm. Therefore, this equipment service life doubled.