Seasoning Methods of Potato Chips

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Potato chips on the shelf of supermarkets offer us different flavors to savor, today, we are going to guide you with some of the seasoning methods of potato chips seasoning. After the former process of sliced potato frying, the French fries are still warm, it is the best time to have chips flavored. The simplest seasoning but classic idea is to serve French fries with sea salt, which is commonly known as the plain potato chip.

Potato chips flavoring machine Potato chipsseasoning machine

If you are a chili food fanatic, the following recipes are the real attraction. Instead of buying barbecue flavored chips, use plain chips and whipped up a smoky barbecue-like spice mix for them myself. This has several benefits. It is customizable, so you can use whatever spices you like, and you get to eat WARM potato chips right out of the oven– perfect for a party! The ingredient is given as follows: one teaspoon chili powder( you can customize the quantity according to your taste), one teaspoon onion powder, one teaspoon garlic powder, one teaspoon mustard powder. Stir the home-made sauce with the fried chips immediately, the serve the flavored potato chips with your favorite soda beverage.

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