Potato peeler for french fries production plant

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The potato peeler is an essential machine in a french fries production plant, and its process is immediately after the potato washer machine. Adopting centrifugal rotary friction peeling technology, is suitable for peeling and cleaning many kinds of vegetables such as potatoes, taro, and so on. The machine is reasonable in structure, sturdy and durable, easy to operate, and suitable for food processing in restaurants, schools, and corporate canteens. Our potato peeler machine is clean and hygienic, with a high skin-breaking rate and high production efficiency. It is easy and convenient to operate and is the ideal potato peeling equipment.

How you can use this machine?

The structure of this potato peeler is designed to be simple, sturdy, and easy to operate. This device utilizes centrifugal force and is powered by an electric motor.

You can pour the potatoes into the barrel of the potato peeler, and the rotary inside the machine is evenly coated with macadamia sand, which removes the potato skins by tumbling and utilizing the principle of friction.

And in the process of rotating and constantly adding water, the removed potato skin through the sewage outlet rinsed out, so as to achieve the purpose of removing the skin and keep clean, with no residue.

Close the lid and tighten the safety catch securely. Finally, turn off the power and remove the peeled product. Then the next step is to enter the potato slicer for operation.

Through this process, you can keep the processing appearance good, and reduce costs, pollution, and the loss of potato pulp.

Applications of the potato peeler machine

The potato peeler machine is widely used for peeling root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, cassava, radish, taro, etc. It is suitable for restaurants, hotels, college canteens, corporate cafeterias, food processing factories, snack bars, and so on.

Feel free to choose our potato peelers

This peeling machine has a number of advantages as follows,

  • High efficiency. Peel most root vegetables easily and efficiently.
  • Easy to clean and operate. Simple structure and maintenance.
  • Save both time and money. This peeler not only peels but also cleans vegetables at the same time.
  • Perfect molding. This machine removes potato skins evenly thanks to the uniquely designed and durable peeling plate. You can also place diced potatoes into the peeler so that the diced potatoes will have a nice round shape.
  • High capacity. The peeler has a potato capacity of 10 kg and can be used in just around 5-minute cycles. Our potato peeler can produce up to 800 kg of peeled potatoes or carrots per hour.
  • Durable and long-lasting. Our commercial peelers feature stainless steel drive shafts and housings and heavy-duty plastic components for superior performance.
  • Hygienic and environmentally friendly. The machine material is 304 stainless steel, not easy to corrode, no damage to materials, in line with national health and safety standards.

We make many models for you to choose from

Our factory can manufacture different models of potato peeler machines according to the production requirements of different customers, and the quality of our products are all of high quality, and the price is also quite competitive in the same industry, so it is chosen by lots of customers.

Based on past sales, most customers will prefer the 300kg/h and 500kg/h models. Because these machines are more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, they have a lighter weight and lower power consumption, which can achieve the effect of saving resources and costs.

How can you maintain the machine?

In order to make the potato peeler machine last longer, it is important to position it for cleaning and to maintain the running parts. All of this must be done with the power off.

  • After each use, carefully clean the machine once, can not use sharp objects to clean the rotary, so as not to damage it.
  • Replace the grease in the bearings every six months.
  • In the process of work, if the machine sound is not normal must stop to check, and troubleshoot before continuing to work.