200kg/h Potato chips production line machines exported to Saudi Arabia

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Recently, one of our company's old customers from Saudi Arabia contacted us, who is engaged in the potato chips production line business. This customer belongs to the individual user, he has his own food processing plant factory.

He has purchased a potato slicer from our company before and felt that the effect is very good, and our relationship with the customer has maintained good development.

Therefore, out of his trust in our company, he now wants to buy a whole potato chips production line of fully automatic machines from us. The machines were successfully shipped to the customer's location last month.

Increased demand for potato chips production line machines

In the 20th century, potato chips were no longer a delicacy created by restaurant chefs but began to be mass-produced for home consumption. Therefore, such a large-scale production has been impossible to do by hand, and machine operation solves this barrier of use.

The whole process of the potato chips production line needs to go through the following machines in sequence, including potato washing and peeling machine - potato cutting machine - potato blanching machine - dehydrator - frying machine - potato chips seasoning machine -packaging machine.

Using these machines saves a lot of time, increases productivity and output, and is the preferred choice of most food processors and catering industries, among others. So, there is a constant increase in the manufacturing of these machines to meet the increased demand for potato chip production.

Information about the Saudi Arabia customer

Our customer working on a potato chip processing project. And he would like to put into machines for an entire potato chips production line in his own food processing plant;

Need to process potatoes, want to get the finished product is 1mm flat potato chips and 2mm wavy potato chips, just have a requirement for this size of the cut. The customer has a budget of 65,000 USD, and wants machines that meet his budget;

The quality of the machine, capacity, energy consumption, installation and commissioning of the machine, and maneuverability of the machine are all acceptable;

The total EXW price of the potato chips production line machines is 65,000 USD. The transportation and freight cost and the shipment and delivery time of the machine are within his acceptable range.

Reasons to choose Taizy potato chips production line machines

  • With low investment. This production line is fully automatic.
  • Longer service life. These machines in the potato chips production line are made of high-quality material.
  • Low labor cost. Only a few people can operate the production line, which can save a lot of labor costs.
  • Safe and healthy. These potato chip processing machines are made of stainless steel and meet the requirements of food processing.
  • Versatility. Some of these machines can be used in other food processing, such as potato cutters, and the potato fryer can be used to make fried banana chips.

Feedback about the whole line use in Saudi Arabia

The customer experienced a significant increase in productivity after installing this entire potato chips production line in his factory. The automated process eliminated the need for manual labor, saving significant time and labor costs.

In addition, the precise control of the machine ensures the uniform size and texture of the chips, improving the overall taste and quality of the food. With increased production capacity and consistent chip quality, the customer's plant is able to meet the growing customer demand for potato chips.

The delicious potato chips have attracted more customers and received positive reviews, further making his factory's products the preferred destination for chip lovers as well as distributors in the region.