Potato chips cutting machine price in Sri Lanka

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The downward pressure potato chips cutting machine is a machine dedicated to slicing potatoes, bananas, etc. into slices. What about the potato chips cutting machine price in Sri Lanka?

The downward pressure potato chip slicer is mainly used for slicing fruits and vegetables. The unique design of the feed inlet frees customers. It completely replaces the painstaking and tiring manual work. The downward pressure potato chip cutting machine can also be designed with a unique inlet length and slope according to the customer’s raw materials. The efficiency of this automatic machine is dozens of times that of manual labor. It is a new type of ideal equipment for vegetable processing enterprises, pickling enterprises, supermarkets, and hotels to process various types of fruits and vegetables. So what about potato chips cutting machine price? Why have we exported this potato chip slicer to Sri Lanka so many times?

A variety of potato chip slicing machines to choose from

Shuliy offers a variety of potato chip slicing machines. These potato chip slicing machines can meet customer requirements such as ordinary slicing and wave slicing. And the thickness of the slice can be adjusted by customizing the blade. In addition, these potato chip slicers can also cut potatoes into long strips. One machine has multiple functions and high efficiency.

3 Types Of Potato Chips Slicing Machine

Down-press potato chips cutting machine exported to Sri Lanka

A Sri Lankan customer bought a second down-pressure slicer from us last month. In September last year, he bought the first down-pressure slicer from us. He is a small local agent, and for the first time, he bought a down-pressure potato chip slicer through us for one of his customers. Recently, another customer needed this machine, and he bought a second machine directly from us.

Potato Chips Cutting Machine Details

Why did Sri Lankan customers buy potato chip cutting machines again?

After the Sri Lankan customer bought the first machine and received the machine, he followed the customer and asked the end customer about the use of the machine. The end customer used the machine smoothly according to the video and instruction manual we sent him. And in the future use process, the machine runs smoothly without any problems. Moreover, when the customer uses the machine to cut fruit slices, the thickness of the cut is even, and there is no one side thick and the other thin. He encountered some problems when changing cutter heads of other cutting sizes, and we patiently solved the problems for our customers. Through this cooperation, the Sri Lankan agent believes that Shuliy is a trustworthy manufacturer. Therefore, when buying the second potato chip slicer, he placed an order directly with us.

Potato Chips Slicing Effect

How about potato chips cutting machine price

Because the potato chip machine has a good slice shape, high efficiency, and the slice size can be adjusted, many customers want to buy this machine. So what is the price of the potato chip machine? As Shuliy provides three types of potato chip slicers, each has a different focus and the price of the machine is also different. In addition, the cost of a potato chip slicing machine is also affected by factors such as the material of the machine and the number of cutter heads. If you want to know the potato chips cutting machine price, please contact us and we will provide you machine quotation. If you want to know more about the machine, please read the potato chips cutting machine article.