Owner Manual of Potato Vegetable Dehydrator

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Potato chips production line

Working principle of dehydrator

Main structure: the potato vegetable dehydrator is mainly composed of frame, outer barrel, rotating cage, basket, upper cover and electrical units

Working principle: evenly load and spread out the material onto the sieve basket and, then put it into the rotating cage, close the upper cover, the potato vegetable dehydrator will start up automatically, and the centrifugal force of the rotating cage will separate the water to the material inside the basket and be thrown out of the basket then discharged from the outlet.

 Potato vegetable dehydrator machine

Installation and debugging

  1. Ensure the potato vegetable dehydrator working on stable ground. Check whether there are any foreign matters in the basket and rotating cage, if any, remove them to avoid causing damage to the machine
  2. During work. The voltage used is 220V ~; the power switch shall be installed on machine enclosure before power is supplied.
  3. Extend the power supply cord, and grounding the cable core with grounding symbol. Fix and seal the power cord and the machine's incoming and outgoing lines, so as to prevent power or water leakage.
  4. Check the photoelectric control probe located at the back of the cover.
  5. There should be no shock vibration or abnormal sound during the test run of the machine, otherwise, the lift the upper cover, and shut off power supply for inspection.
  6. Connect the drain to the drain pipe or aim at the floor drain before work.
  7. The machine's operating speed and working time have been present at the factory. The working speed is at 800rpm, and the running time of a working cycle is preset at 1min (60sec). Users can make necessary adjustments according to requirements but do not set exceed the maximum rated speed of the spindle at 1200 RPM.