Multipurpose Potato Slicing Machine for Wholesale Abroad

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PotatoLarge potato slicer machine Shuliy invented and developed is of all-around function, can cut, into a small round, arc, diagonal shaped slices with four different shapes of blades, is of favorable price excellent efficiency. With its flawless potato slicer can process slices with a smooth, beautiful and neat surface. The sliced potato processed by slicing machine without burr, no fragments of residue remained with uniform slicing thickness, stable performance. Moreover, the slicer can achieve continuous slicing effect of high efficiency, small volume taking up less space, low noise, easy operation, and it saves energy, bringing aesthetically pleasure.

The slicing thickness of electric potato slicer can be adjusted automatically according to processing requirement with extensive application range. With compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, and easy cleaning and maintenance, the potato slicer is safe and hygienic meeting the international standard and is at affordable price. Besides, the automatic potato slicer made of stainless steel is characterized by clean operation and durable in use.

Potato cutting machine


Potato slicers for exporting excluded is of effective working pattern for it can reduce labor consumption and save working time. The large potato slicers are applicable to the canteen, restaurants, vegetable factories and batch processing units of vegetables. Electric potato slicer can cut and slice the potato into different sizes and shapes by changing varies blades. Due to its small size, light weight, low power consumption it is easy to operate, suitable for any users. The potato slicer mainly includes frame, conveyor belt, slicer mechanism, speed controlling chamber. Potato slicers are used for slicing root crops. The slice thickness can be adjusted automatically within a certain range.