Multi-functional Potato Slicing Cutting Machine

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Potato chips production line

Manual/ home-made potato chips

Have you ever tried to make the street snack at home? I believe a considerable number of you have tried making potato chips/ French fries at home.

The cooking recipe online seems a piece of cake, while the actual operation procedure can be miserable—the first step is easy to handle with, potato selecting, washing, peeling.

They say the successful first move is the most difficult and decisive, while it’s not true to the potato chips processing due to I is the harsh test for us unprofessional to slice the potato into chips with coordinated shapes with the same thickness.

It is hard for one to processing potato chips at home, nevertheless the manual potato processing in a restaurant. Therefore, here calls for a professional potato processing line.

Potato cutting machine

Advanced commercial potato product line

The potato processing line Shuliy Machinery offering is a professional commercial processing line with the capability of processing all kinds of root crop, including sweet potato, cassava, etc. Among them, the multi-functional/ multi-purpose potato slicing machine can process root crop into different sizes and shapes, such as slice, chip, and wavy chips by using the alternative blades (you can customize the blades according to your production requirements), also the thickness of the product can be adjusted by controlling the space between blads.