Multi-function Automatic Snack Puffed Food Packing Machine

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Multi-function puffed food packaging machines invented and developed independently by Shuliy Machinery, with large output, high efficiency, the packaging machines can be applied to the doy bag, flat bag, and side slip bag packing. Moreover, the packing machines can complete the packing with the date or brand printing simultaneously, and it can be applied to medical equipment, chemical instrument, working budget, and food packing. There are five kinds of models: TZ-420, TZ-520, TZ-720, TZ-900, TZ-1200 with different capacity, voltage, dimension, etc. Customers can choose from these models according to their production requirement. And we can provide you with customized packing machine models according to your requirement.

Puffed food packaging machine

Made of stainless steel, the multi-purpose automatic puffed packaging machines is characterized by long term service with output and working efficiency ensured. The packing machines is equipped with a computer control system, so as to avoid packaging failure occurs during the packing procedure. Shuliy can provide you with patient after-sale service and one-year quality warrant. You can come to have a field investigation to Zhengzhou, Henna province in the middle of China, Shuliy is expecting and welcome your visit sincerely!

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