Market Potential of Potato Chips in India

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Potato chip processing


India is one of the largest producers of potato. Besides being one of the daily food items in various vegetable preparations, potato today increasingly finds use in the form of chips or wafers as snacks food. The earliest known recipe for something similar to today's potato chips is in William Kitchiner's cookbook The Cook's Oracle, first published in 1817, which was a bestseller in England and the United States. Nowadays, the potato chip and wafers are popular processed food items that give considerable value addition to potatoes.

Market potential in India

Consumers in urban and semi-urban areas are the most dedicators to the potato chip industry in India. Notably, the main wholesaler are supermarkets, restaurants, canteens who occupying a large proportion of potato chips consumption. In urban areas, the consumption of potato chip or wafers per capita is conservatively taken ½ Kg annually. Respectively, the output of potato chip is about 6300 kg conservatively.

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Potato chips product line in India

Although the production line in India is relatively mechanized during these years, the potato chip industry witnesses the vicissitudes and prosperity of the economic development of India, the up-soaring of the living standard f the Indian civilian, the delayed production output can no longer cater to the increasing market demand. Therefore, here calls for a more professional potato chips processing line. Shuliy, as the leading manufacturer across the world, offers customers qualified advanced processing machines with favorable price.