Make French Fries Cooking Easier—Frying Machine

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With golden appearance and crispy taste and charming fragrance, French fries, as known as potato chips, are popular all around the world. It seems that the potato chips processing is easy to handle, after you reading a recipe of French fries or watch a video of it. But things are harder when you do it in person. First of all, peeling potatoes before using, then cut them into chips (every piece of chips shall be inform in shape and size). Pour all the processed chips into boiled water reaches 100℃( 212℉), wait until the chips are cooked and soft enough that can be smash easily. Then pour the chips into cold water to chill them down for a second. Finally, boil a full pot of oil until it reaches more than 100℃( 212℉), then pour the chips into it gently, be careful about the hot oil splashed from the pot. After 5 minutes frying, the French fries are finally done.

Potato chips production line Frying machine4

Sounds complex and full of risks? Don’t worry, the little chips we eat every day brought from the fast food restaurants are not produced in such an exhausting way. There is a frying machine they adopted can are also available in Shuliy’s professional machine mills!

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