Large automatic potato frying machine on sale

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Automatic potato deep-frying machine is my company combined advantages of the foreign deep-frying machine on the basis of advanced frying technology, with the characteristics of the domestic food processing industry, we Shuliy has developed continuous deep-frying equipment with independent property rights. The widely applicable potato frying machine is widely used in products including aquatic products and soybean products, meat and vegetable products.

Continuous fryer machine

The frying machine material produced by our company is all made of 304 stainless steel plate, which ensures the safety of food processing and ensures the long-term service life of the equipment. The equipment is durable, and the equipment purchased from our company will be maintained free of one year warranty and debugging for life long.

Automatic potato chips frying machine adopts electrical heating method with its safety and sanity ensured, its heating tube is installed without in contact with food, heat oil by absorption of heat from frying process, to avoid burning accident caused by direct effects on edible oil or rapid aging phenomenon, can prolong its shelf life for more than 1.5 times; With ridged safety, heating pipe is completely closed, to avoid the heating pipe catch fire, the fryer with a slag scraping system, can realize continuous frying, and discharge sewage from the bottom. The main pulley is equipped with anti-floating mesh belt to prevent product from floating in the frying tank, to ensure the frying effect of the product, the top cover of the fryer has the condensate water collection function to prevent the condensate water dripping back into the oil tank, causing hot oil splash, resulting in injuries, the heating temperature of the frying machine can be set according to your requirements