Introduction of potato washing and peeling machine

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Potato washing and peeling machine is widely applied for for peeling fashioning root vegetables like batata, taro, carrot, peanut, etc as well as melon and fruits and it can be used in restaurant and food processing factories.

Introduction of potato washing and peeling machine

Potato washing and peeling machine is composed of washing part and peeling part. When you put the raw materials in the washing barrel, they will be washed clean and then move to the peeling part. There are knifes in that part which can be customized so as to cut the raw materials into slice or bulk. The finished products is clean and well cut. With this machine, you can complete two steps at once and it is easy-operated. All people need to do is feed the raw materials into the machine and switch on the water tap, The water keep flowing and clean the dirt out when the raw materials are washing. When you think the raw materials are clean enough, you can take the fender between washing barrel and knifes off and then they would be sliced by the machine itself. In addition, this machine has four wheels, so you can move it wherever you want. If you find it helpful, please contact us.

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