Introduction of brush roller

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Brush roller is one of the most widely used industrial brush products. It can be divided into two categories: one is the glass cleaner brush roller, the other is the fruit and vegetable cleaner brush roller. Two types of brush rollers are different in terms of material selection and processing technology due to their different environments.

Introduction of brush rollerIntroduction of brush roller 2









In the industrialized production of fruits and vegetables, nylon brushing roller is used to wash all kinds of fruits, carrots and other agricultural crops. The brush silk is required to be compression resistant and elastic, but it can not scrape fruits and vegetables. Food machinery brush materials usually use PA6, PA66, 611, 612, 010 wire, roll core using 45 # round steel or stainless steel parts, injection molding, implanting high-temperature nylon brush wire which can clean dirt and wax on the surface of fruits and brush is mostly made of antibacterial nylon 1010 brush wire which is heat-resistant and wear-resistant, does not bend back and does not drop hair. Food brush rollers are widely used for mechanical cleaning, peeling and pesticide residue removal of vegetables and fruits before preservation. Now, Shuliy Machinery Company have brush roller peeling and washing machine on sale which can be applied to all kinds of fruits, vegetables, sea food. Welcome to contact us for more information.