Introduction of automatic potato slicing machine

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Shuliy automatic potato slice multifunction slicing machine uses rotary cutter to cut. The traditional cutter head of shield machine is driven by hydraulic pressure. In recent years, the cutter head driven by three-phase AC asynchronous motor controlled by inverter has appeared.


Obviously, compared with the hydraulic drive, the motor drive has many advantages, such as simple mechanical design, easy installation and maintenance, flexible and convenient control, low cost, more energy-saving and so on. Moreover, the way of motor drive cutter head can also facilitate the maintenance of shield machine. For example, when changing the cutter, the cutter head can be rotated to facilitate as needed. Angle of tool replacement.

Potato chips

Therefore, more and more shield cutters choose motor to drive. Potatoes, lotus root, cassava, sweet potato, radish and other agricultural products can be processed into sheets, with good quality of cut surface, products of uniform thickness and size, fresh cut surface tissue, do not destroy fiber tissue. At the same time, the machine slicing high efficiency, easy operation, low energy consumption, health, safety, high efficiency, is the ideal equipment for agricultural products processing.


It is mainly composed of frame, rotating cutter head, transmission part, motor, outlet and so on. It is suitable for slicing medium volume and long cylindrical material (such as potato, lotus root, cassava, sweet potato, radish).


The machine is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel in contact with food products to ensure long-term work stainless, non-corrosive, non-toxic, harmless, in line with the hygienic requirements of food processing machinery.