Industrial cassava washing peeling machine on sale

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Traditional cassava washing and peeling method

The most conventional way of cassava peeling is hand washing and hand peeling. After harvested, cassava with debris, dirt sticking on the surface shall be deposed by hand washing to remove the infection resources preventing material from infection caused by insects, germs or mold. However the hand washing with low efficiency consuming too much of time and labor force brings little benefits to cassava producer and exporters. Moreover, the cassava peeling is a tedious laborious work for average yield per hectare is 10.6 tonnes in Nigeria, Africa.

Cassava production line

Enhanced cassava processing line

The cassava production line developed by Shuliy Machinery is invented and designed after a great number of researches and investigation on features and texture of cassava. The cassava production line has its main products of cassava washing and peeling machine, cassava dehydrating machine, cassava slicing machine, etc. all are applicable to root crop like potato, sweet potato, and purple sweet potato. The whole production line meeting the national food hygiene standard is of reasonable price and Shuliy can offer customers sincere service including operation guide, one-year warrant. And if you want to cooperate with us, we are seeking distributors overseas.