Industrial cassava potato washing and peeling machine

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Manual cutting
A wast of time and manpower with the low efficiency ;

Potato peeling Machine cutting :
All full automated , fast processing time, saves the manpower, the clean health and high efficiency.

Brush roller peeling and washing machine

ThPotato peeling machine is mainly use for taro, potatoes and other tare and cleaning, apply to hotels, school cafeteria, enterprises and institutions restaurants,food processing plants and snack bar. Adopt the centrifugal rotation and friction peeling technology, peeling clean, small flesh damage and high efficiency, at the same time for washing potatoes, and potato skin and sewage automatically discharged, clean and sanitary. It’s a very ideal potato peeling equipment.e machine main frame, barrel part of the composition, dial feed pan and into the water system and other components. The machine barrel plate made of stainless steel, stainless steel to ensure long-term, no-loss, non-toxic, harmless. The washing and peeling machine for potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, carrots and other fruits and vegetables peeling and washing. After the potatoes and others into the machine barrel, rotating dial reel constantly flip the potatoes and rub with peeled potatoes, since potatoes kept in the barrel wall collision friction, higher efficiency, peeled potatoes, and with flush pipe mill under the skin clean, dirt flowing out through the drain.