How to use a hair roller potato washing machine?

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Washing potatoes with a hair roller is amazing, isn’t it? Actually, hair roller potato washing machine indeed could be used to clean potatoes, please follow me to learn about the it.

have you ever wash potatoes? Does it be divided into two steps? Firstly washing it, and then peeling it, right? Actually, we have another more convenient way, that is, while cleaning potatoes, peeling them.

How amazing! Right?
So let me tell you more details about the machine.

How the hair roller potato washing machine work?

Such a machine can synchronously wash and peel. Besides the brushes inner of the machine, there are sprinklers above the brushes. When brushes roll and rub to remove muck on potatoes, the automatic sprinklers rinse potatoes. Potatoes peeled through hair rollers and sprinklers would be more smooth than by an ordinary machine. Will you afraid about the machine’s service life? Don’t worry, the 304 stainless steel of this machine can ensure health and prolong the machine’s service life. You don't have to worry about the operating difficulty, cause the hair roller potato cleaning machine is automatic.

When to use hair roller potato washing machine?

Do you have any other fruit or vegetables to be washed and peeled? The hair roller washing machine can also process other fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, ginger, radishes, cassava onions, mustard, and peach, and so on. In addition, peanuts and seafood are also applicable to this machine. To sum up, such materials would be cleaned up and peeled thoroughly through the hair roller.

Where is suitable for using it?

The hair roller potato washing machine generally applies to the food and beverage industry. Favorable reception always comes from factories. Besides, large-scale restaurants can also use this machine to cook. In addition, frozen food factory often uses this machine to process seafood or other material need to be washed and peeled.