How to Operate Use Octagonal Seasoning Machine

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Puffed food


The latest octagonal seasoning machine is applicable to all kinds of food seasoning, mixing, coating and so on. The machine is used for mixing the seasoning powder in the later stage of food processing or wrapping material with powder to coat the raw material for blending. The structure is simple and designed for practical purpose, the seasoning chamber is made of stainless steel, and with its octagon type design, can make the food material to be seasoned fully and evenly in a relatively short time, then discharge the material automatically.


Octagonal seasoning machine

Application Method

  1. Detailed inspection should be conducted before starting up to see if the fastening part is loose. Check whether the power cord is damaged, there is no foreign matter in the barrel, whether the applied voltage meets the requirement or not.
  2. Keep the machine in a stable state and turn it on. After a minute of appropriate operation, shut down and add ingredients in for blending and seasoning.
  3. After working for a period of time, shut down and add again until the flavoring and materials are mixed evenly meeting the requirements.


  1. When the machine is running slowly, please check and tighten the v-belt.
  2. After period time of use, check the bolts of each fastener then tighten them accordingly.
  3. After being used for 6 months, please add lubricating oil.
  4. Ground the enclosure before operating.