How to Make Mc Donald Style Potato Chips

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The choice of qualified potato is the first, basic step. Choose the round-shape potatoes with no damage and ones take on the color of brownish yellow. Then remove the dirt and wash them by clean water, after that, peel the potatoes.

The next step is the key to make good potato chips—cut potatoes into chips with regular shape and similar sizes, therefore the fried chips shall be evenly heated so as to make the chips be cooked within the favorable degree, chips with the width of half a centimeter is required.

Then pour a certain quantity of peanut oil into the deep pot, when the oil boiled, pour the potato chips into the pot gently in case of coil-splitting.

Repeat steps mentioned for more than 3 times to make sure the potato chips are fried evenly and the crunchy fried chips are made. Finally, spoon out the chips and de-oil them properly, seasoning them with pepper or sea salt depending on your need.

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