How to make fortune in your fried food business

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In our daily life, oil is a necessity for the fried food. If we can prolong the service life of the oil by keeping the frying oil free from pollution caused by residue and dirt, we will have our business profit improved.

Fried food operation methods

Automatic continuous frying machine for potato chips & French fries is the auxiliary equipment of fast food production line, also suitable for large potato chips factories, enterprises and institutions’ dining room, etc. This machine for potato chips & French fries, during operation, the following method described operation shall be followed so as to achieve better frying results.

Although there are a lot of large fried food restaurants, their business scopes vary including fried chicken, French fries and donuts, during production, they use the portable and repeated frying equipment, which is harmful to our health for the repeated use of frying oil and harmful residues generated during frying.


The continuous frying machine adopts the crawler transmission mode, which is the integrity of both fryings and conveying. It can not only effectively avoid doing harm to health, but also more efficient than the traditional one. This machine can be operated smoothly by one or two operating personnel; space is required to be large enough to facilitate operating.

The above is about the operation methods of continuous frying machine and its scope of use.

Continuous fryer machine on sale

Cleaning method of continuous frying machine and matters needing attention:

Continuous frying machine, after a relatively long period of use, residues, dirt and oxidized oil remains should be removed and cleaned regularly. First of all, spray the mixture of lye and hot water thus the remains are easy to be resolved. After each use, pull out the power plug, then wait for the pot to cool down completely, then begin to clean. During cleaning mope the machine surface with neutral detergent added, metal scrapper, caustic solvent are not recommended in case of causing corrosion to machine coating. Plus, the electric heat pipe equipped inside fryer shall be cleaned with cloth or wool brush, and before long time storage, wash and air dry the fryer.

The continuous frying machine will do great help to you. In addition to regular cleaning, precautions shall be paid attention too. Different frying equipment is of different heating methods, in order to extend the service life of this machine, 304 stainless steel shall be applied to the machine construction.