How to Maintain the Potato Washing and Peeling machine

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High efficient brush roller peeling and washing machine 2

Potato washing peeling machines are mainly used for potato peeling and washing in hotel, guesthouse, enterprise canteen, food processing plant as based processing equipment.

This machine has the advantages of high peeling, washing rate, low breakage rate, meeting international hygienic standard, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is an ideal potato peeling washing equipment for entrepreneurs.

This machine mainly comprised of a frame, material collection barrel, spray spouts and so on. The machine is made of stainless steel, which guarantees the long-term working without erosion, toxic free and harmless.

How to maintain the potato washing peeling machine:


  1. All maintenance must be carried out when the power supply is cut off.
  2. Regular cleaning of the parts including transmission belt, bearings, and other driving parts so as to extend the service life of the parts.
  3. After use, clean the machine carefully to ensure hygienic producing. Do not use sharp tools to clean the cylinder to avoid damage to the cylinder.
  4. Replace the lubricating grease, calcium base grease, between the bearings every six months.
  5. In the process of operation, if abnormal sounds occur, stop operation immediately for inspection, then continue to work after troubleshooting.

Introduction of brush roller

Potato peeling cleaning machine has the characteristics of low damage rate, high peeling rate, hygienic processing, simple operation, high production efficiency, and easy maintenance, is an ideal potato peeling equipment. Conducting regular appropriate maintenance can not only bring efficient production but also can help you save money by saving a lot of labor costs. The above is the potato washing, peeling machine maintenance Zhengzhou Shuliy mechanical equipment co., Ltd. Shares, we hope it helps.