How to Extend the Service Life of Potato Frying Equipment

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In order to extend the service life of the full set of the frying machine in the process of use, all the professional in Shuliy are devoted to giving you a recommendation of maintenance solution of Fried machine.

Safe Operation of Frying Machine:

  1. Check whether the heat conduction oil, pipeline, and valve are firmly installed before starting.
  2. Check whether the electrical facilities are functioning normally.
  3. Check whether the temperature and pressure of heat conduction oil meet the requirements.
  4. Run un-loaded trial running on the frying machine, feed materials in when oil temperature reaches 178 ℃.
  5. The feeding per time shall be controlled less than 1 minute, and re-feeding shall be carried on after 3 minutes.
  6. If the oil temperature fluctuates violently with the temperature drop suddenly, the feeding time shall be shortened or the feeding interval time shall be prolonged.
  7. Check the crispness rate of potatoes every 10 minutes.
  8. Caution against the high-temperature equipment to prevent getting burnt. During operation, operators should not leave their position.
  9. Close the oil inlet and outlet valve after frying, and discharge the remaining oil in the frying tank for further filtering or washing.


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Maintenance of Frying Machine:

  1. After use, please be sure to plug out and start cleaning after the frying tank is completely cooled. When cleaning, use a soft cloth drenched in neutral detergent to wipe the tank gently.
  2. Do not put the whole appliance into the water for cleaning to avoid electric shock or causing machine dysfunction.
  3. Detachable inner pot oil screen can be cleaned with a drenched soft cloth.
  4. Before storage for a long time, please clean the whole machine and store it after drying.