How Much is Octagonal Seasoning Machine

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Potato chips flavoring machine

Shuliy Machinery is a company specialized in manufacturing and exporting of stainless steel food processing machineries such as frying machines and frying lines. With strong technical force, advanced equipment, and rigid testing technology. As a company with its professional engineers and technical talents dedicating in machine invention and development, Shuliy has released a series of professional high-tech products which is environmentally friendly, green and energy saving. As their research and development projects aiming to build the company a reliable cooperator, Shuliy is widely praised by its customers.


The equipment is composed of bracket, drum, driving system, seasoning system, switchboard, and other devices.


The main body of the octagonal seasoning machine is designed to be of an octagon shape, which avoids the disadvantage of material sticking on the inner surface of cylindrical seasoning machine and hinders its turning over movement. It can make the material to be fully mixed with seasoning in a short time, and send the material out of the barrel automatically. Thus achieves the purpose of automatic mixing and automatic discharge. The seasoning equipment with no dead angle is made of full stainless steel is of rust –resistance that will cause no pollution, and its motor is made of copper wire which makes it durable in use, the octagonal seasoning machine specialized in food processing such as, peanuts, beans and other non-friable material mixing, is a practical food processing equipment with favorable price.