High-end octagonal flavoring seasoning machine

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The octagonal seasoning machine, Shuliy Machinery invented, developed adopts the advantage design of octagonal appearance and continuous rotating mode, is the solution to the unthorough seasoning result of the traditional barrel-style seasoning machine. Moreover, the new octagonal flavoring machine is of high efficiency, less energy consumption, labor saving, and easy operation. There are two models CY-800, CY-1000 off the peg, and we can customize the size and output according to customer’s requirement. Shuliy’s octagonal seasoning machine can be adopted in the chip processing line or use separately, notably, using the whole Shuliy snack food processing line can highly improve the efficiency, quality of the products. Here is the parameter, working method and operation manual of the hot-selling Octagonal seasoning machine.

Potato chips flavoring machine

The octagonal flavoring machine of Chinese supplier, is of favorable price. And made of stainless steel with the seamless design, the seasoning machine is characterized by durable use and long service life. Customers can choose from different models with varies capacities or the customized seasoning machine to meet their producing standards. If you are running a large-scale food production line, add certain amount of octagonal seasoning machine according to customized plan made by our market agents. Now Shuliy has modelCY800 with Dimension 1000*800*1300, Weight 130, power 1.1, capacity300kg/h, modelCY1000 with Dimension 1000*1000*1300, Weight 150, power 1.5, capacity500kg/h off-the-shelf.

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