Features of bubble cleaning machine

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Currently, more and more food processing factories are using bubble cleaning machine dealing with their raw materials. Do you know why bubble cleaning machine is so popular? It is because of its unique features.


Features of bubble cleaning machine

  1. This machine has a vegetable separator which will effectively separate the sediment from the cleaning raw materials, reduce the turbidity of water, greatly improve the recycling efficiency of cleaning water and can save 80% clean water.
  2. This machine is made of stainless steel which is not prone to rust and pollute the raw materials in it.
  3. The machine adopts bubble shock wave, which can clean the raw materials with high pressure and keep its appearance and color intact.
  4. The machine can be customized and wash the raw materials continuously, meet the demands of high capacity.
  5. This machine is highly automatic and easy-operated. There is no need for more than one person.

In such a ear which think highly of rapidness, this machine is a good example.

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