Efficient Octagonal Seasoning Machine on Sale

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Puffed food


Traditional Snack seasoning in the catering industry

With the rapid development of economy, the carting industry is improving at an incredible speed, within which snack food such as potato chips, French fries, puffed food are the most favorable food having won great appreciation from customers at home and aboard. Under the condition of a better living standard, people are no more satisfied by the unflavored food with less process, they are fond of seasoned food who brings them with the exotic palatable taste. Although the traditional way of manual seasoning can customize the flavor according to customers’ taste, the seasoning effect is unstable and the seasoning distribution is uneven.

Advanced method for food seasoning

The latest octagonal seasoning machine invented and released by Shuliy machinery independently is listed among the most favorable food processing machines in food production industry. The octagonal seasoning machine can sprinkle flavorings evenly onto raw materials, such as fried potato chips, French fries or coating dry food like macadamia, cashew nut, raisin, and sweet potato chips. The seasonings are selectable and the seasoning quantity can be customized by customers with different processing requirements.


Potato chips flavoring machine


Characteristics of Octagonal Seasoning Machine

The motor closure and the inner surface of seasoning machine made of stainless steel is of long-term service life and low maintenance with sufficient seasoning effect achieved.