Efficient Automatic Vegetable Washing Peeling Machine

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Automatic continuous peeling washing machine Shuliy invented and developed can realize the effects of automatic discharge, cleaning efficiency, water saving rate up to 70%. It is widely used in cleaning vegetables, fruits and shellfish, potatoes, carrots, taro, sweet potato, ginger, apple, orange, kiwifruit, onion, Chinese yam, Chinese date, clam, scallop, sea cucumber, sea snail and other products.

Vegetable washing peeling machine, also known as crush roller washing peeling machine adopts the working principle of using the brush roller rotation, with brush direct conduct brushing force on the water material thus the removing effect of dirt adhering to materials achieved, and the brush in addition to washing the dirt can peel potatoes automatically.  In which step, the materials are peeled under high pressure of water spray with impurities thoroughly removed.

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The peeling washing machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel completely. The brush roller is made of nylon wire, a product with special technology. Shuliy can customize the cleaning and peeling function by specializing the brush. The equipment is equipped with a circulating water pump and filter water tank to realize clean water recycling, so as to save water during the water recycling process.The speed of the conveyor belt motor is adjusted to realize automatic feeding, automatic rotating discharging. The peeling washing machine, characterized by easy operation and maintenance, continuous cleaning, high working efficiency, is ideal cleaning equipment for root crops processing.