Dehydrate and De-oiling Machine

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Neither deep-fried chips with extra oil, nor boiled vegetables over-wet will content our appetite. After finishing the deep frying process of potato chips, the products are fresh and crispy. However, be devoid of proper processing immediately will ruin the former working results. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the next step of French fries processing—de-oiling. Due to the close requirement and key to making good French fries, the degreed of de-oiling is severely required. Fortunately, Shuliy has invented and developed a series of potato chip processing line, including frying machine, dehydrate and de-oiling machine. Notably, the automatic de-oiling machine can be used for not only French fries, but other foods, like vegetable, fruits, etc.

Deoiling machine

The advanced automatic de-oiling machine is designed reasonably and is made of stainless steel, therefore the service life is prolonged with the operating efficiency ensured. The de-oiling machine adopts the centrifugal motion as its working principle, and equipped with a shocking proof function to avoid the shifting of point of machine. Due to its automatic function, the de-oiling machine is easy to operate by one or two men, therefore it saves the laboring manual operating of de-oiling, with the result ensured after the processing of it.

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