Commercial vegetable meat cleaning machine

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Current status of the catering industry

As the development of economy speeded, living standard rapidly grows, the eating pattern has changed, and people leading a healthy life now is pursuing a delicate lifestyle. Thus, using food material meeting international laws on food safety and sanity is highly recommended. And with the considerable emergence of restaurants characterized by its all-around service and high-level dishes they serving, a commercial vegetable and meat washing machine with large capacity and thorough cleaning effect is now highly needed.

The traditional food material cleaning method

After ingredients are selected, the first step is to wash them to remove dirt and insects to prevent ingredients from infection and pollution. Moreover, the working efficiency is unsatisfying and varies from one to another due to the unstable elements of workers working attitude and efficiency.

Application of bubble cleaning machine

The advanced commercial vegetable washing machine

The full automatic vegetable washing machine invented and developed by Shuliy machinery is of efficient working pattern, sanity cleaning effect, low damage rate, and low maintenance. The whole machine enclosure and the inner surface are made of qualified stainless steel, meeting national hygiene standard, which can promise customers a sanity working place. The vegetable washing machine adopts the vibrating cleaning method motivated by a powerful motor powered by electric energy.

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