Commercial Bubble Cleaning Machine for Catering Industry

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With the development of global economy, the catering industry has risen and is becoming a predominated giant who contributing to the economic growth worldwide. Chinese catering industry has such a long history that it can date back to thousands of years ago. Since then, the newly developed business has been coming into our view—restaurant supplying business. All chain restaurants, including fast food restaurants has its exclusive raw material suppliers. The hygiene standards for the raw materials are strictly required, therefore, only a qualified catering supplier offering consistent, uniformed raw materials can win the supplying right of the chain restaurant.

Application of bubble cleaning machine

Therefore, raw materials has to meet the national hygiene standard—no dirt, no damage and chemical pollution free. So, here calls for a rigid designed cleaning machine. Shuliy Machinery, as one of the agricultural machinery leading brands, Shuliy has gain appreciation from global business platform for its machine of low maintenance, easy operation and energy efficiency. The advanced fully automatic bubble cleaning machine invented and developed independently by Shuliy is widely used in catering industry that has won population in the catering field.

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