Code of practice for continuous frying machines

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Continuous frying machine is fully automatic. It has the advantages of the high degree of automation, saving labor, improving work efficiency and improving profit margin for customers.

Safety operation rules for continuous frying machine:

Continuous fryer machine

1. carefully check the fittings before starting, and whether the valves are firmly connected.

2. carefully check the electrical facilities before starting.

3. check whether the pressure of the air compressor can meet the requirements.

4. check the heat conduction oil and mild pressure to meet the requirements.

5. the palm oil circulating pump should be activated without load. The palm oil should be at up to 195 degrees.

6. single feed should be from less to more order, but not more than 15 kg at most.

7. feeding should be distributed evenly and not invested.

8. check the amount of palm oil before feeding, not less than 20 cm from the edge of the pot to prevent oil and rice spatter.

9. after the frying, the remaining oil should be released to filter, clean and clean the equipment.