Successful export of 500kg/h continuous chips fryer to Australia

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At the end of last month, our company successfully sent the mini continuous chips fryer to a customer from Australia. At the beginning of July, the customer was interested and contacted us after seeing our product website by searching for products, and he said he needed a small-capacity potato chips fryer. Through detailed communication, the customer accepted our mini continuous chips fryer which meets his expectation. Now the customer has put it into use and reflects well.

Increasing demand for deep fryers in the market

With the continuous growth of the food industry in society, deep-fried snacks have become a popular food item. So we need to use machines in order to alleviate the limited nature of manual labor.

At the same time, the manufacturing of machines is often balanced with their functional diversity in order to save costs and achieve sustainability.

This deep chips fryer from our factory can be used for other snacks besides deep frying potato chips, so the machine is popular and sold well.

Background information on the customer

This Australian has been running a restaurant for many years, and his business is getting better and better due to the delicious food and good reputation. Therefore, when carrying out the frying process, only using the restaurant pot can no longer meet the demand.

This is the first time he purchased a frying machine to improve efficiency. He also consulted several other machines before purchase and finally chose our products after comparison.

Through the communication, we understand that the customer is his own family who opened a restaurant, its size is not big, so only need a small fryer can meet the demand. In addition, he's within 6,500 USD of his budget.

Therefore, we recommended a suitable mini continuous chips fryer for him according to his needs. The dimension it is 2500x1500x1600mm (length*width*height). What's more, the total FCA price to the Guangzhou warehouse is 6200 USD.

Attractive features of Taizy chips fryer machine

  1. High capacity. The potato chip fryer that has caught the attention of our customers has an impressive capacity of up to 500 kg/h when heated electrically.
  2. Multi-functional. This machine is capable of frying not only potatoes but also many other food items such as banana chips and sweet potato chips, thus increasing versatility and productivity.
  3. Environmentally friendly. In addition, the chips fryer machine has a robust construction and is made of durable and hygienic 304 stainless steel, which is not only easy to clean and maintain but ensures a long service life.
  4. Adjustable oil temperature. The automatic temperature control heating system provides heat for the production of products, the oil temperature is around 220C.
  5. Adjustable time. The frequency conversion speed control system provides controlled frying speed for product production, and the time can be adjusted from 2 to 8 minutes.
  6. Food Safety. The automatic scraping system removes part of the residue at the bottom of the fryer to minimize the effect of residue deterioration on frying quality.

We got feedback from the Australian customer

Our customer has expressed his great satisfaction with the performance and durability of the potato chips fryer. The machine's high efficiency has enabled them to meet market demand and expand their business operations. And also he notes that the machine has significantly reduced manual labor, increased productivity, and saved time.

The customer reflects that since the use of our machine, cooking speed improved a lot, it can not only fry potato chips but also be used in many other deep-fried programs, such as fried meat, fried sweet potato fries, fried meatballs, etc., so that serving faster, reducing the customer waiting time, more and more people are willing to go for a meal.