Bubble potato washing machine exported to South Africa

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This is the bubble potato washing machine that we sent to South Africa. South African customers will use this machine to wash potatoes in large quantities. This customer runs a fruit and vegetable processing plant. This multifunctional fruit and vegetable cleaning machine can also help him clean other fruits and vegetables.

South Africa potato washing machine order details

This South African customer was introduced to us by other customers. His friend bought a small potato chip production line from us. Knowing that he needs to buy a potato washing machine, our customer who has already done a deal immediately pushed the contact information of our business to his friend.

South africa potato washing machine delivery picture
South Africa Potato Washing Machine Delivery Picture

This customer who has completed the transaction uses our machine very smoothly, and there is no problem with the machine. Therefore, after learning of this situation, the South African customer asked us for the details and prices of some of the machines, and he quickly placed an order.

Introduction of potato bubble cleaning machine

The potato bubble cleaning machine is a multi-functional industry fruit and vegetable cleaning machine. It is suitable for cleaning leafy vegetables, roots, and other vegetables and fruits. The unique bubble cleaning function makes the washing machine have the function of not damaging fruits and vegetables. And the machine also has the function of secondary cleaning. The bubble cleaning area is responsible for cleaning the impurities on the surface of fruits and vegetables, while the spray area performs secondary cleaning of the fruits and vegetables to make the cleaning cleaner. In addition, the water in this industry potato cleaning machine can be recycled.

Bubble type potato cleaning machine
Bubble Type Potato Cleaning Machine

What can Taizy provide for you?

As a manufacturer of potato processing machines, we provide comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. Before the sale, we will provide you with detailed information about the machine so that you can fully understand the performance of the machine. We will provide you with detailed machine information, quotations, machine running videos, and other information. After you place an order, we will customize the machine for you. Before shipping, we will test the machine and take a video for you. If there is any problem in the process of using the machine, we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.