Bubble cleaning machine—the very first step of crunchy potato chips

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To make healthy nutritious dishes, the very step is materials cleaning. Any improper or insufficient cleaning cannot remove the harmful pesticide residues, dirt or germ from the surface of raw materials. The harmful residues can cause health damage to human body and other unpredictable consequences. The advanced bubble cleaning machine , invented and developed by Shuliy, can process vegetable, meat, fruit, and other raw cooking materials. With its perfectly working efficiency, low energy-consumption and large output and capacity, Shuliy’s bubble cleaning machine has won loads of prizes from the customer and clients at home and abroad.

Application of bubble cleaning machine

The automatic bubble cleaning machine, made of stainless steel, is of good quality and long-term use. Moreover, though it has the large capacity, the materials it produced remains wholesome and leave no damage and be perfect cleaned. Furthermore, it is of simple operation, one man can finish the whole procedure of cleaning, First, fill the operating plate with clean water, then turn on the machine, the vibration created by the motor can produce rich bubbles to wash raw maw materials deeply. Shuliy Machinery will provides you with quality ensured machine and guaranteed professional service.

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