500kg/h brush potato washer successfully shipped to South Africa

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In the middle of July, we received an inquiry from an old customer from South Africa, who is running a food processing company, and recently added a new potato chips production line project, and needed to buy a brush potato washer machine to carry out the first step of the production line.

Because this project is in the initial stage, the scale is not very large. According to our recommendation and after both sides negotiated and communicated, the customer chose the brush potato washer with a capacity of 500kg/h. The machine was successfully shipped to the customer's location at the beginning of this month.

Widely popular potato chips product

Potato chips are thin slices of potato that have been fried until crispy. They are often served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer. Potato chips make up a large portion of the casual and convenience food market in Western countries.

The global potato chip market generated total revenues of $16.49 billion in 2005, accounting for 35.5% of the total savory snacks market for that year (total revenues of $46.1 billion). The global potato chip market is the largest in the world.

Increased demand for potato washer machines

In the 20th century, potato chips ceased to be a restaurant delicacy prepared by chefs and began to be produced on a large scale for home consumption. As a result, such large production volumes were no longer achievable by hand, and the use of machines for the operation solved this obstacle.

The brush potato washer is the first step in the whole french fries production line, saving a lot of time for subsequent operations. We just need to put the materials into the machine and then the dirt will be washed away by the action of brushes and water.

In addition, our machine is multi-functional, not only can clean potatoes but also many other fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, taro, apples, etc., in line with the needs of our customer, can be realized in his company a machine multi-purpose, great cost savings.

Why choose our brush potato washer?

This machine is best suited for industrial use, making it an option worth considering for food processing companies.

  • Versatile functions. This washer is suitable for cleaning many fruits and vegetables.
  • High efficiency. No need to hire workers, reduce physical labor, get a large production volume in a short time, save time and cost.
  • Affordable. We have our own processing factory, and the price of the brush potato washer machine is lower among our peers; if you buy a large quantity, we can send free accessories or send them with the machine at the most favorable low price.
  • Very good service. According to the customer's needs of different output and so on. The machine can be customized, and if you want to move easily, we can add wheels under the machine. And we can teach how to install it online.

Feedback from our customer

Our brush potato washer machine was delivered to the destination, after our guidance, the customer immediately put the machine into use, and the same day sent us a video of the work and praise, the machine is running well, it works fast, and washes the potatoes clean.

Another week later, the customer commented, saying our machine in his enterprise production process plays a very important role, greatly improving work capacity and efficiency.

And, he also used this machine in other food production processes, the effect is just as remarkable. In addition, he intends to purchase our potato peeler and potato chip slicer machine to ensure the subsequent operation of the production line.