Automatic fryer potato chip production line

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Potato chips are the main food of potato deep processing. They are popular all over the world. They are delicious and nutritious. With the acceleration of world cultural exchange, potato chip business has great potential in the global market. Potatoes are rich in nutrition, known as "underground apple" and "two times bread". More than 2/3 of the world's countries grow potatoes and produce more than 300 billion tons. In addition to wheat, corn, and rice, potatoes are the fourth main staple food. Organization E, potatoes provide the nutrients people need, so they must be a staple food in the world food market.

Potato slicer machine

Potato chips Production line:

feeding - cleaning  - peeling & washing - cutting -  blanching - dehydrating - frying - deoiling - seasoning  - packaging (conveyor belt can be added if needed)


Potato chips production line is made of stainless steel and can fully achieve automatic production. The blanching pool uses boiler steam to heat the water directly. Next potato will go through process of blanching, after that, potato is sent to dehydrate , then enters into the frying line. At last,  fried potato can be packaging.

Potato chip production line has advantages of high automation, labor saving. It greatly improves the production efficiency.

Application of Potato chips production line:  It is used for small and medium food processing factory etc.