Application of bubble washing machine

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The bubble washing machine is the most advanced cleaning machine currently. It applies the bubble cleaning technology which can largely increase the washing efficiency. When operating, the washing machine is mainly to use the front part of the box to inject the proper amount of water into the equipment box. The water temperature is heated through the heating pipe. When the raw material passes through the box, it will roll under the combined action of the washing machine and water and will continue to move forward with the mesh belt.

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High-quality vegetable and fruit washing machine

The bubble washing machine can be applied for washing root vegetables like carrot, potatoes and cauliflower, fruits like apple, pear, grape, seafood and dried fruit like red jujube. It has high cleanliness and can keep the raw material’s original color. Now, the washing machine has been widely used in restaurants, canteens, and food processing factories. With its feature of high cleanness, we highly recommend it to you. Welcome to contact us for more details.