Advanced Potato Chips Processing Machine Vendor

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Potato chip processing


Shuliy Machinery actively promotes the quality and safety management of Potato chips production line. It accelerates the quality construction from potato chip production line material, production, processing, and testing to safety and quality of products. In order to further improve the quality of raw materials, the potato chip production line adopted a strategy that does both: on the one hand, it vigorously developed modern animal husbandry industry, accelerated the construction of self-built or co-built large-scale pastures, and at the same time, it offers supervision on milk stations and the guidance for dairy farmers. Also in Potato chip production line, the output and quality of raw materials are ensured through advanced technical means.

De-oiling of potato chip production line: to remove oil on the surface of potato chips after frying, seasoning line: flavor the potato chips after frying, and air-cooled sorting line: remove unqualified potato chips and wind cooling the qualified for packaging. The product uses automatic line to undertake to produce of large output; Product should be designed advanced, stable and reliable, and keep unchanged for a long time. To use automatic potato processing line can improve labor productivity, stability and improve product quality, improve working condition, reduce the production cost, shorten the production cycle, guarantee the significant economic benefits.

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Potato chips production line consists of the following single machine:

1, mixer 2, extrusion molding machine 3, tractor - cutting machine 4, cooling machine 5, hot air dryer 6, automatic frying machine 7, seasoning machine

Potato chip processing line:

Feeding - cleaning peeling - selecting - slicing - rinsing - blanching - color protection - dewatering - frying - deoiling - seasoning - transporting - packaging.

Because fried potato chips potato chip production line make is of uniform shape, the packaging paper tube-shaped packaging is adapted for packaging. Shuliy’s potato production line combines the international advanced technology, high degree of automation, is easy to operate.