Advanced bubble cleaning machine

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Do you like potato chips? Lying on the sofa with a bag of potato chips and watching TV series is the most relaxed posture for many people. But do you have the idea that how the potato are made into crispy chips?I believe most people will give a confused look. Now, I will remove the veil of making process of potato chips.


Advanced bubble cleaning machine

We all know that the raw material of potato chips is potato. In order to make delicious chips, firstly we need to clean the potato digged out from ground. If we make it for families, we can do this job by our own hands. But when it is for commercial use, we have to depend on machines because cleaning tons of potatoes is such an unimaginable task. At first, we use the barrel which can roughly clean the mud on the surface. But there is a problem about the cleanness. Though the machine can remove the impurities, the sewage can’t be discharged in time so that potatoes would suffer second pollution. Workers have to change the water again and again which is time-consuming. After engineers’ years of hard research, finally we now have the advanced bubble cleaning machine. The principle of bubble shock wave it adopted can wash the surface of vegetables, melons and fruits, improve the work efficiency of more than 50%, effectively kill harmful bacteria, decomposition of pesticide residues. This machine has a vegetable separator which will effectively separate the sediment from the cleaning raw materials, reduce the turbidity of water, greatly improve the recycling efficiency of cleaning water and can save 80% clean water. Shuliy Machinery Company is specialized in producing potato chips processing line which include bubble cleaning machine. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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