2019 New Style Oil-water Separated Fryer

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Puffed food

The advance oil-water separated fryer has the following advantages:

  1. Oil saving: oil-water separated fryer has completely changed the structure of traditional frying machine by adopting oil-water separated structure of oil-filled upper layer, water-filled lower layer, so that the residue increased during frying process falls into water layer. Moreover, the lower layer moisture produces steam to maintain high-temperature frying continuously and can prevent water from vaporing so as to supplement moisture content during frying, in order to assure fry oil not turning black, and as a way to extent, oil serving time. As we can see from above, advance oil-water separated fryer is more economical than the traditional.
  2. Eco-friendly: traditional frying equipment is of the disadvantage of constantly charred output with a lot of impurities, which is not conducive to maintain health. And oily water separated frying tank can filter impurities in oil into water tank mounted in the lower layer. Fried food produced by it is of improved product quality including natural bright color, sweet taste, clean and beautiful, and extended shelf life. And not carcinogen produced during frying, which is health.

Oil-water separated fryer

  1. Reasonable structure, strong and durable: with automatic temperature controller is installed, the operator only needs to set the temperature limit before frying to realize automatic temperature control. The machine adopts stainless steel structure is of fine workmanship, beautiful, strong and durable.
  2. Can fry poultry, meat, fish, wheat flour food, French fries and vegetables and so on, it is your good helper to start a business and to gain fortune.

After-sales service of oil-water separated fryer:

Except for non-human damage, customers are offered with one-year free warranty, lifetime maintenance, (fee shall be paid for maintenance after one year according to the cost charge). After receiving equipment failure, the reply with the solution will be sent within 24 hours to guarantee the proper operation of the equipment.