Production line of potato chips

Potato Slicer Machine

The factory generally adopts automatic potato chips production line, the main process is divided into: cleaning → peeling → slicing → soaking → dehydration → frying → deoiling → mixing → cooling → packaging.

The potato entered the production line and began to turn into potato chips.

Potatoes fall into the drinking water tank to wash potatoes.

The potato enters the peeling machine. The machine does not have a blade, but it can peel the potatoes. Its working principle is: the inner wall of the cylinder block of the peeling machine is a material similar to sandpaper. When the machine rotates, the potato flies to the inner wall of the cylinder block, so the potato skin is worn off.

Potato peeling machine. The nozzle above the machine washes away the worn potato skin.

Potatoes into the slicing machine, cut potatoes into chips of the right size.

Potato Slicer Machine

Potato slicer machine. When the potatoes enter the slicer from the opening, they are sliced into potato chips because the machine rotates and the potatoes fly to the blades on the inner wall under the action of centrifugal force.

Potato chips are washed four times in the washing pool to wash off the starch, and then the chips are quickly dried and dehydrated.

Potato chips are frying in oil pan and deoiling.

The potato chips were added with some accessories and seasonings to mix evenly, so that they had different taste of potato chips.

Potato chips packaging filling machine, the potato chips equal packaging, packaging quickly filled with nitrogen, in order to prevent potato chips re-transport crushing;

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