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Potato Slicer Machine

Potato Slicer Machine



This machine is the fifth generation potato slicer developed by our company. This potato slicer machine is a pusher-type directional slicer. The thickness of the slice can be adjusted, the cutting standard, high efficiency, and fast speed. It is mainly suitable for hard fruits and vegetables with large volume: such as potatoes, eggplant, gastrodia, maca, bamboo shoots, radishes, etc, thickness adjustment in 1-10 mm.

potaot cutter machine

Feature of potato slicer machine

  1. The potato slicer is mainly composed of a frame, a rotating cutter head, a motor, and a discharge port. Suitable for medium-length long cylindrical product slices;
  2. High production efficiency, high-speed rotary cutter cutting, do not destroy plant fibers;
  3. In addition to the inlet and outlet, potato slicer’s overall sealing structure, have a clean environment;



1. The whole potato slicer adopts 304 food grade stainless steel, not easy to corrode;

2.Full copper motor, Less loss than the aluminum motor, More power saving, Extended service life;

3. The potato slicer blade is made of 404 special stainless steel, Sharper, Less prone to corrosion;

4. Special bearing shaft, have higher speed, and equipped with a waterproof rubber ring;

5.Waterproof switch, safer operation;

6. Rubber mute roller on the bottom of the machine, the mobile machine is more convenient;

Potato Slicer Machine



Model Dimension Power Voltage Capacity Weight
TZQP-500 700*700*900mm 1.5KW 220V/380V 500kg/h 160kg


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